she muttered, and looked about grouchily

She muttered, and looked about grouchily.

The good news is the journal stuff is working. The bad news is the email stuff is seriously not working. It turns out that 1) I can’t set up the shell account to have email to/from through it, which is irritating, but nothing like as irritating as the fact that email seems to still be going to, and the email I’m sending to/from my (argh) pop account just seems to be going in circles. Which is bad, ’cause I need to get this resolved by, um. Saturday, ’cause the eskimo account goes away on Sunday. Bad bad bad.

Plus there is work to do. Lots of big fat work. And augh. Google has now got archives from Usenet dating back to 1981, and Dwan has reminded me of my old usenet name (Storyteller) and lo, she is right, and there are usenet postings with that name. Eeee. Run. Run in fear. Or at least hide and make real big eyes. O.O

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