shopping :)

Mom and I went shopping. I got 8 new shirts and 2 new bras. I found out the reason all the bras are shaped this year is because they’re making shirts out of very thin semi-sheer spandexy material and it’s so your nipples don’t poke people’s eyes out. That seems reasonable. So I got one of those bras to go with some of my new shirts. And because nearly all of these shirts have some spandex involved, they will continue to fit me as I shrink further, so it’s all good. And they’re not just boring t-shirts. I mean, they might not be wildly exciting, but they’re different, and I’m happy with them. And some of them are *really* cute.


2 thoughts on “shopping :)

  1. Good for you! I generally like the new shirts they’re selling, but I had to buy a couple of new bras to wear with them.

    Are you going to post pics of you and your new clothes?

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