shoulda woulda coulda

Probably if I had swum this morning, I would be far more awake than I am right now. On the other hand, I’d also probably be even more dehydrated, which isn’t such a great thing. Anyway, I decided in favor of sleeping some more, which meant I got almost 9 hours of sleep but I was up by 8 anyway, which is not a bad thing.

I had some really peculiar dreams in the 90 minutes between Ted getting up and me getting up, though. Among the weirdest was a dream that Lucy had given birth to a baby chicken, which Zilli then ate. Icky.

I *must* remember to go over to my parents’ and water the plants this afternoon. I remembered yesterday, but not on the way home from swimming, so the plants were not watered. Bad Catie.

3 thoughts on “shoulda woulda coulda

  1. You have the weirdest dreams in the WHOLE WORLD. Maybe it’s because you’re dehydrated? Drink some water!

  2. No, Emily has the WEIRDEST dreams in the WHOLE WORLD. Kit only studies at the foot of the master’s bed.

    (I’d say something about ‘mistress’ and ‘bed’ but Kit would send Angie to beat me up.)

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