Sick. again.

I have had a stupid number of colds this year. I got sick at Pi-Con in August and remained that way pretty much straight through the third week of November. I had a variety of colds previous to that, mostly coinciding with any time I saw my nephews (which is really depressing). I’ve got another one now (coinciding, I’m afraid, with having seen my nephews.) I am very, very tired of having colds. I’m so tired of it I’m even tired of complaining about them, so aside from this one little bitchfest I probably won’t anymore. And poor Ted is even tireder of me being sick than I am, which is saying a lot.

Okay. Moving on. I would like to thank the Academ whoever it was who recommended The Daily Coyote in comments a few weeks ago when I said the intarnets were boring me, because I’m getting a lot of delight out of it.

People are starting to post resolutions and goals for 2008. I’m really rather enjoying reading them. Mine’ll go up NYE, I expect, since I think that’s when I usually post them, and very probably I will launch my WordPress website with that posting. Don’t worry, I’ll have it set up to crosspost here, so nobody’ll miss anything. :)

Oh, wow, the design actually works with the latest version of Internet Exploder. I was appalled to read earlier today that 80% of users are still using IE. I mean, I guess that pretty much correlates to 80% of users using Windows, but man. Depressing! But at least the site design works with it, which means IE is up to CSS standards, which it didn’t used to be.

…a long time ago when I started writing this I had more ideas about random things I was going to talk about, but I’ve utterly forgotten them all now. I’ll blame it on the cold. :)

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  1. I don’t know if you read my postings, but about a month ago I had the Daily Coyote pointed to me by a friend who said “I assume you *must* be reading this, but in case you arent’….”
    Charlie is the best.
    The cat is a close second though.

  2. Your name came up in conversation earlier today, on a thread on , where mentioned meeting you at Pi-Con, where apparently the pair of you talked about me!

  3. Oh, yes, so we did! And oh, gee, I didn’t know she had an LJ! *friends her* Yeah, she said she was an Alan Moore fan and was on a mailing list and I was all, “Oh, you must know Padraig, then…” and indeed she did. :)

    *plays the small world song* :)

  4. Airborne, sweetie. Zicam and Airborne. I’ve had one minor cold (brought on by lack of sleep and stress that knocked my immune system down further than normal) in the past three years. Better living through chemistry! :D

  5. I’ve got some Zicam that I got in the states, and I’ve been taking it! I gotta find out what the local equivilant is.

  6. I think that was me – it’s rare that I fall for a site so completely, but Charlie – wow.

    Hope you can shed the cold. I’m keeping you company :-(

  7. Hey, IE8 is supposedly pretty good for meeting the standards.

    Of course, it isn’t out yet. And not everyone has got past IE6 yet.

  8. For the colds, how much vitamin C are you taking? Barring odd medical reasons not to, our family cold remedy besides chicken soup and such is at least 5000mg per day of natural vitamin C. When my mom used to get a seasonal cold every winter, my dad talked her into 5000mg three times a day during the cold season, and in 3 years it reduced and then eliminated it. I would caution, however, to be sure it’s NATURAL vitamin C.

    Besides being an antioxidant and immune booster, it’s supposed to break down histamine rather than just block it for a while as most anti-histamines do.

    On the topic of Internet Exploder and CSS standards, I feel your pain. Ironically, a few months ago I encountered a couple of things that IE does to standards and Firefox doesn’t. If memory serves, it had something to do with subscripts.

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