God damn it. There is a css border type which allows you to border things with little dashes: – – – – – – – We have a site which has borders on some things made up of little (graphical) dots: ……..

I am trying to design a page which will be platform-wide (ie, all of our sites will use it). It therefore needs to be adjustable so all the sites /can/ use it without mucking around much. I wish to use the – – – – – borders because there *is* no ….. border in CSS.

EVERYBODY but the goddamned design guy thinks that’s fine. I so very much think that only design people are going to care about the difference. I so very much thinks that Joe Average isn’t even going to *notice* it. I swear to god it’s really not that big a difference. And there are no other …. modules on the page with the – – – -‘s to play up the difference anyway.

Very, *very* frustrated.

I talked to Deirdre last night. They’d borrowed the Nissan to go for a road trip down to Valdez. The Nissan, which is 17 years old, didn’t make it. Or rather, it did, but apparently it started going about 20mph up hills, and when they got to Valdez they brought it to a mechanic who said that there was something wrong with the valves and he wouldn’t bother putting so much money as an oil change into it, and would just drive it into the ground. So they took the ferry back (with the Nissan) and I suppose now we’ll bring it to a scrapyard, or something.

My back hurts, and I am crabby.

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  1. There’s supposed to be a “dotted” border style in CSS. (O’Reilly’s Cascading Style Sheets: The Ultimate Guide, p221.)

    Now, whether it works or not… that’s up to the browser.

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