My back hurts. Yes, I took some drugs for it. Hopefully in a while it will stop hurting. The dog is driving me insane. My work is telling me that FTP isn’t secure and I have to do this whole stupid workaround because there was a server move over the weekend and they haven’t got the new T1 turned on so none of the VPNs really work. Zilli is mewing his fool head off. The Middle East is on the brink of nuclear disaster, and Garrett and Sarah think that Sharon should demand the US release Leonard Peltier, since the US government is going around making demands nobody has intention of listening to. Why not join the fun?

Okay, that last thing is kind of funny. :) And this, as Garrett says, is why he’s not a world leader.

1 thought on “*sigh*

  1. take two deep breaths.

    drink one large glass of water.

    pet cat.

    pet other cat.

    take puppy for walk in park.

    drink one large glass of water.

    turn off the news.

    read mindless, fluffy, fun novel.

    drink one large glass water.

    call me in the morning.

    Dr. Me

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