silly family

This afternoon we dropped by my parents’ house to look at wedding photos that we’d just picked up from the store.

Dad was calling our house just as we walked up, so I stood on one side of the screen door and he stood on the other and he talked into the phone and I answered and he asked if Ted was home and I said nope, he’d gone to the store and to get some ice cream, and he said did I know when Ted was going to be home, and I said nope, and he said he was calling to see if Ted might want to go golfing tomorrow, and I said probably, but he’d have to talk to Ted about it, and he said, well, okay, he’d call back later when Ted was home. Only after all of which did we open the screen door and enter. :)

2 thoughts on “silly family

  1. You, Ted, and most especially your father are all extremely silly.

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