silly, *silly* friends

I have the very *silliest* friends:

Kit . o O ( Manifest Destiny by C.E. Murphy. ehehehehehe. ahem. o.o )

Little My snerks. That’d make a good autobiography title.

Garrett says “Sounds more like Manuscript Destiny to me.”

Little My says “Well, if it were political writing it could be Manifesto Destiny.”

Garrett says “If it were pop music it’d be Manifest Destiny’s Child.”

Little My says “But if it were a Sandman pastiche it would be manifestly Destiny.”

Dor . o O ( Manifest Destiny, according to Murphy: If something can go wrong, it will, and then it will take over the continent. )

Garrett says “If it distracted Kit from her housecleaning, it would soon become Manifest Dusty.”

Little My says “If moths got into the manuscript, would it be Infested Destiny?”

Denmark is certain that there’s something that works out to Manfred Destiny, but he’s unable to think of it.

Garrett says “Sure. And if she did a cross-country motorcycle tour to promote it, it would become Manifold Destiny.”

Dor says “If she spends too much time worrying about it, will it become Manifret Destiny?”

Garrett says “But she has to be careful not to let the Kitlings at her writing area, lest they become Manifest Desk Tinies.”

Henry says “If she moves the setting to Germany it can be Oktoberfest Destiny!”

Henry hmmm. If the book is obviously too thick, is it Manifest Density?

Henry says “And if you have to oh i should stop never mind.”

Henry no, no, one more–if you have to starve yourself to get enough money to publish it, the way Hoffman did, it’s Manifast Dustiny!

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