skipping christmas

Skipping some of the Christmas updating stuff for the moment, I now pause to say that last night our friend Mary Anne, who is doing a whirlwind Christmas-time tour of Alaska sort of thing, deigned to fit us into her busy schedule so long as we agreed to feed her, so she and another friend of ours, Dean, came over for a few hours and we had a good talk. That was plenty much big fun; it’d been, gawd, five years since I’d seen Dean, and — four? — since I’d seen Mary Anne. So Ted cooked spaghetti and we had chocolate fondue for dessert (ooooh, my, that was yummy. A rare treat, that’ll have to be! Ooof!) and it was really pretty great.

Years ago, Dean made me a wolfs’-head necklace, based on Bearclaw’s necklace (I can’t link to any of this stuff because 1. my digital camera isn’t hooked up to this computer so I haven’t uploaded any photos and 2. is down until Tuesday sometime) and mentioned that he’s not sure if he’s going to be in town this year to do the Renne Faire (he might be off climbing Denali, sheesh), and he was thinking of doing a pin of some kind for the Crooked Toad Tavern, which is, er, the on-site pub (with that name, I bet you could figure that out), and so he sorta hoped maybe I could think about doing a drawing or two, ’cause he says once he’s got a nice clean drawing on paper, rendering it in 3-D is really easy for him, but the drawing part is really hard for him. So I think I’ll make up some drawings and see if he likes any of them. :)

And Mary Anne *laugh* wants us to get Legion done just so she can say, as if it’s of no particular import, “Oh, my friend Catie, who is writing and producing a tv series …” *giggle* I have great friends. *laugh*

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  1. Mary Anne? Dean? Talk about flashbacks… ye gods, I’m back in 1993. I have a casting of that same wolfheads necklace, too.

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