small triumph

I finished a chapter! Part of it was stitched in from the last draft, but by George, a chapter! Yay!

I think I’m aiming for a chapter a day, realistically. I’m not going to have the book done by the time gets here at that rate, since it’s probably about 35 chapters and I’ve only just finished chapter 7, and she’ll be here in 18 days. I’m deeply trepidatious about leaving it alone the whole week she’s here, so I’ll probably have to get up and work on it in the mornings so it doesn’t go cold, but I very much doubt I’ll be doing as much as a chapter a day for that week. Still, as long as I get something done, that’ll be good. And then we can go have fun after I’ve been a good moral upright hardworking author person. :)

Now I’m going to go be a good moral upright hardworking kitchen-cleaning-and-laundry-doing person.

ytd wordcount: 136,300
miles to Minas Tirith: 245

6 thoughts on “small triumph

  1. A 35 chapter book, hmm?

    As there are 365 days in a year, if we allow you 15 days off (of even 16, if you’re lucky), you can do 10 of them in a year.

    Back to work, girl, your fans are impatient.

  2. What, you’re scared of 15 days of not writing? You’d die of boredom?

    It’s OK, you can use those days to go to conventions.

    (Honestly, your work rate is scary.)

  3. *laughs* It’s funny to hear someone say that when I’m quite gloomy over my measly 135K of writing this year. :)

  4. Write, Kit, write!

    Tha doesn’t have t’be free the whole time us is there, if tha has work t’do. But us’d like it best if us could take you out for at least one day trip. Th’art too much fun not to!

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