small victories

Small victories. I just got the bill for the Alaska student loans. Ted’s loan is all caught up. In fact, it appears that it may even be ahead, since the next payment isn’t actually due until August. _My_ loan is _also_ ahead, and not due until August.

It seems like I ought to be able to work this to my advantage somehow. I mean, in a fashion which both allows me to stay partially ahead on Ted’s loan and still have a little extra money somewhere.

In other good financial news, we paid off one of the god knows how many things haunting our credit record, so yay us. And I called up the dentist to ask why they’d billed the 3 sealants which we were all pretty sure my insurance wouldn’t pay (which is stupid, because sealants are 1. cheap and 2. preventative) to my insurance, but they hadn’t billed the exam, x-rays or cleaning to my insurance, when insurance *does* pay those things, and had instead billed them to me. They said, “Um, we’ll check and get back to you on that.” So once more, go me.

Now I need to drink water, because *man* I have not been drinking enough water lately.

There are wildfires, and while it’s a beautiful day, it’s hard to tell because it’s very smoky out. I thought it was just a kind of grey day, but I went outside and the light was orange. Looks like sunset.

2 thoughts on “small victories

  1. do tiyjnb

    hmmm. let me get my finders in the rigth keys . . . I was in training all day, so I haven’t had to think until now. anyway . . .

    do you know where the wildfires are? It is *awfully* smoky . . .

  2. They’re up in the interior, as far as I know, but I haven’t actually been paying much attention. ADN doesn’t say anywhere obvious. It *is* awfully smoky, though.

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