Got another 1100 words written on TQB, making a total for the day of about 2800 words, which is just about exactly the kind of output I’d like to have every day. Ok, it’s probably not likely to happen every day, but man, I’d like it to. My goal, for the moment, is to do my daily quota of 1100 words, and that’s supposed to be on my main project, which is at the moment TB. Then if I can get another 1000 words written on TQB, I’ll really be extremely pleased with my progress all around. If I do that consistently, TB should be done in mid-February, and TQB in, er, June. Ok, that’s a long time away, but it also isn’t, since we’re talking about a 150K word book with that, and it’s a secondary project.

The plan, at the moment, is to write HOUSE OF CARDS when I’m done with TB. I just finished printing HEART OF STONE out for Jennifer, and boy, I really like it. *laugh* Someone should buy it! Then when *that’s* done, I want to go back to MANIFEST DESTINY and see if I’m up to writing it yet. I’ve gotten better as a writer; I might be able to handle the cast of thousands now. Then it’ll be time to do the third Walker Papers book, because I want to stay a year ahead on those. And if I can manage another secondary project book after TQB is done, that would be great, too, but I’m not going to push it during the summer months — as long as I get my 1100 words in a day, I’ll be satisfied from, oh, May-September. Hey, summers are short up here!

Extremely pleased Kit today. And oh! I went and got a drawing tablet for the computer. I was going to install it, but, er. *laugh* I discovered I had to finish printing out HoS. Maybe I’ll wait til tomorrow to install it, and use it like I did today — as a reward for having done my writing. :) And I went and got my bangs dyed bright red, which is more interesting than what they were before. Maybe I’ll take a picture tomorrow. :)

Ok, printing out synopses now. Woot!

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