Smuggest. Writer. Evah.

I have sent my editor into a shrieking fit. If this is not success as a writer, I don’t know what is. :)

For the proposal for the next 3 Walker Papers, I sent the final chapter of the 6th book, which I wrote a couple of years ago in a fit of The Idea Has Struck Me And If I Do Not Write It Down Now I Will Lose It Forever. So I wrote it down, and added it to the proposal. My editor just said:

OH. MY. GOD!!!! What did you do you evil woman by sending that last chapter with Morrison and Jo to me?????? I was internally screaming and smiling as I read it. I want that next book now!!!! How am I going to wait for three more books to get there and get more of that story????????

You are very, very, very evil and I love you for it!!!!

O I Am So Smug!


  1. mercy

    I agree with your editor, you are evil and yet I feel compelled to try to bribe you, so I can get a peek at that chapter.

    Evil, very evil.

    I am looking forward to the next book. :)

  2. isarobogirl

    I have to go with your editor: I want that next book right now! *g*

    But no, us poor readers have to sit here patiently and wait and wait, only to get a book and devour it in one sitting… ;)

  3. darillian

    Ummhmmmm…and people have just now caught on on the evil thing? Please. I think you were evil before the SOHO meet in HS. And then together we were Super Evil Geniuses!!! MWAHAHA


    You’ve refined it well over the years! Bravo!

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