Chantico decided 4:40am was a good time get up today. I ended up spending the rest of the night on the futon, where I was sort of vaguely able to keep an eye on the dog, although not well enough to keep her from pooping on the floor near the door. Oh well. At least it was near the door.

I’m working on a drawing which I’ll probably have to do six or eight times before I get it right. It wouldn’t take as many tries if I’d do it in pencil, probably, but for some reason I’m doing it in pen. Well, I’m doing that because I like to draw in ink, but it makes it real hard to erase, you know? I’m sort of thinking of scanning each of the drawings as I do them just to, I don’t know. Show off my doom, or something. The annoying this is I can see the problems. It’s just that fixing them is very hard. Anyway, so should I scan in the buggered up drawings? It might be a sort of interesting thing. Or maybe it’s just interesting to me, which is very, very likely.

OTOH, it’s my fucking website, then, isn’t it? :)

I figure I only need to do eight or ten thousand drawings like this and I oughta be pretty good. Shaun discovered that Title Wave has at least some sketchbooks, though, and he picked several of them up, one as an outright gift to me and the other he took out of our trade credit, and so now I have two brand new sketchbooks and … several others. Anyway, these new ones have rather nice, heavy paper, and I think I’ll just try to fill up all the pages in them over a few months. What the heck.

Um. Oh, so I didn’t get to the gym this morning. I’ll go tonight. People should probably harrangue me (did I spell that right?) about it, so that I actually go, but I’ll feel better if I go. Feh. Darned dog.

I had a dream about a way to build a .. no. it wasn’t a dream. I had an _idea_ about how to build a thing the dog couldn’t get through. It’s an actual construction project, but I think it would work, and I was pretty confused and disappointed when I came downstairs at 4:45 this morning to find that even though I’d had this good idea, it hadn’t been implemented yet.

I also dreamed that Ted had done the taxes wrong and we only had to pay $500 instead of $2200, but that really /was/ a dream. :)

3 thoughts on “snxxt

  1. The first one looks pretty good to me. Of course it is the first of several drawings but I think it is a good start. :)

  2. it is a good start, but there are a lot of obvious flaws. well, obvious to me, anyway. I think I’m done with this version of it, so maybe i’ll… unbury the scanner and scan it. gnrf.

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