so cute!

AAAAAH LUCY WAS *SO* *CUTE* last night!

I was getting ready for bed, and I’m supposed to do these exercises for my back, so I was standing there in the dark next to the bed doing them, and suddenly two little cat feet reeaaaaaached up to my ribs, and she headbutted me and streeeeeetched!

So I did what any normal, red-blooded, cat-liking person would do. I went right to bed and let her curl up on my ribs. :)

And then I couldn’t keep her on my ribs ’cause of my back so I rearranged significantly and she stayed right with me. She was still sleeping against me when I went to sleep.

I am loved!

(I am also wearing my ‘sucker!’ hat, but that’s okay!)

Now she’s curled up on my knees. Nice kitty. *beam*

4 thoughts on “so cute!

  1. I kept having to shift while Kage was sleeping on my ankles last night, and ended up going from my right side, to my back, and eventually my left side, and she stayed right there the whole time. Granted, I was careful about this, but still. Usually she’s off like a shot if I move and disturb her at all.

  2. Daniel likes to sleep curled up by/on my neck and arm, with his little kitty paws gently placed on bare skin. Daniel needs his nails trimmed, and the box with the kitty litter and kitty toys and kitty nail trimmers is *not* here, yet. Ow. Daniel may get tossed across the room.

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