so, just checking–

So, just checking–

Do I know any artists who do superhero-style artwork? Jim Lee/Andy Kubert/Ian Churchhill style art, rather than Joe Madureira/Chris Bacalo/manga style art. I’m not sure that I do, but /if/ I do and you might be interested in pursuing this Marvel Epic thing with me, let me know, eh?

Note: nobody is as good as Jim Lee. I don’t expect that. Just, y’know. If you do that style artwork. :)

1 thought on “so, just checking–

  1. Nobody is as good as Jim…!?!?!? *cockeyed look* Uuhhhh, wait…where’s my soap box? *ahem* Neal Adams puts Jim Lee to shame on any given day of the week. ;) Jim Lee is AMAZING, granted. But Neal Adams is a GOD when it comes to this particular type of penciling. In fact, Jim is (hopefully knowingly) doing a tribute to Neal in his recent run on Batman.

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