so, the car

So, the car. The new car. The old car. All the cars.

The new car is a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport and has pretty much everything you’d want in a vehicle, including LOTS OF ROOM TO PUT THE BIKES IN, except for it has no CD player. As Ted says, he has a $700 stereo system; he can make tapes. It is dark forest metallicy green, and Ted says I can get Rogue vanity plates for it if they’re available. :)

Ted is practically giddy. He keeps going, “VROOOOOOM!”

I am very pleased, because we went to several dealerships and looked at several other 99 Jeep Cherokees, and we liked this first one best, but it had 20K more miles on it than any of the others, and cost $2K+a_little more, so we went back to the first place and I said, boy, we really like this car, but all these other dealerships have the same car with less mileage and for considerably lower cost, and they said, “Take it for a test drive, and then we’ll make a deal.” So they gave it to us for $2.1K less than their asking price, so I am *very* *very* smug.

Ted should not be allowed out to buy cars on his own. We have Determined this. Ted would have bought a whole bunch of cars on Saturday with no haggling. We went into one place and the guy asked us what we were willing to spend, and Ted TOLD THE TRUTH. I told him he didn’t get to talk anymore, after that. :) And he didn’t! Well, not about money, at least. He’s too darned nice to be allowed out alone to buy cars. *giggle* I have such a nice husband. *laugh*

Although, as he said, he wouldn’t have *really* bought any cars, because he wouldn’t dare do that without me there. He’d want to be sure I approved of the vehicle. Which I knew, but still, it was pretty fun to tease him. *laugh*

I’ll take a couple photos of the car this afternoon at lunchtime, even if it’s dirty (hazards of driving in Alaska) and the windshield hasn’t been replaced yet. It’ll be replaced on Thursday, no cost to us. Yay!

Pretty cheerful Kit.

2 thoughts on “so, the car

  1. I, too, am not allowed to car-shop on my own. I did *exactly* the same thing as Ted. The dealer asked how much we wanted to spend, and I told him. It made sense to *ME*, but the other half was Not Happy.

  2. Really Cool Car! Yay KitTed! It’ll be so nice driving & not wondering where on the road you’ll break down.

    Car shopping is intimidating. I’m not good at the haggling thing either…

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