So very, VERY smug!

Several weeks ago, in comments on ‘s journal, admired the cover for FIREBIRD DECEPTION, saying he “could almost make myself buy a romance for that Dermody cover…”

This was followed by me saying they were spy novels, and him saying:

Hrm… Maybe if I moved the price sticker to cover the publisher’s logo…or arranged to get an autographed copy inscribed something like this:

“Dearest ,

It’s not a romance, it’s a [favorite epithet here] spy thriller! Get over your insecurities about your manhood and read my [another favorite epithet here] book already, you [yet another favorite epithet here]!

Love and kisses,


For the last several weeks, we’ve been going around on how he might be so lucky as to get a copy thus enscribed. Now, when I say, “going around,” what I mean is, he’s been pleading and I’ve been putting him off, because I went behind his back and, via and , got his address and sent him a copy of the book, inscribed *exactly* as he requested. He did not, as he hoped, get to find out what my favorite swear words were, but that’s what you get for being specific. :)

He got the book yesterday.

*howls and dances around gleefully*  I am SO.  VERY!  SMUG!

*HOWLS*  I have email from him:

Dearest Catie,

I was delighted to receive your present.  It was very thoughtful and, although all the clues were crystal clear in retrospect, completely unexpected.  You, , and got me good, and I congratulate and thank you.  One day, I may even forgive the lot of you.

Love and Kisses,

*laughs until she cries with glee*  *beam*


  1. logrusboy

    Oh, goody. Spread my humiliation! Soon I won’t be able to post anywhere without getting fifty replies saying, “Hey! Aren’t you that looooooser who Catie totally PWNED?!! Ha! Dork!”.

    On the plus side, I got my book. Is it worth the lifelong shame? I’ll let you know after I read it. :)

  2. mizkit

    It’s not humiliation! It’s *fun*! I love sneaking up on people and doing this sort of thing.

    Had I known you didn’t own Urban Shaman before I sent CARDINAL, I’d have included a copy of it. Instead I’ll just charge you to go forth and buy a copy when the reprints hit the shelves. :)

  3. logrusboy

    The worst part isn’t the public mockery (okay, I suspect no one besides us and your co-conspirators actually cares, but in theory the entire interweb could be laughing at me right now) or the fact that the clues were all there for anyone who can outthink a turnip.

    No, the worst part is that my wife is going to get so annoyed with me for spending all my nights trying to develop a workable plan for revenge…

  4. creativedv8tion

    Well, see, Kit does have a lot of people who read her journal, and it’s like viral advertising…

    So, yeah, before long, the term “logrused” will mean “got totally pwned, bitch!”.

    On the bright side, you’ll have your own version of immortality, complete with Wikipedia entry!

  5. mizkit


    My husband says, “He needs to learn to leeeet goooo.” *laughs*

    I’m sure you can think of better things to do with your nights. Spend your *days* plotting revenge. :)

  6. logrusboy

    *sigh* The worst part is that now I’m so paranoid I rolled the mouse over your post to see if there really was a wiki entry…

    (See! People I don’t know are already mocking me! Like it wasn’t bad enough when it was just everyone I knew!!)

  7. morgie

    Niiiccce one.

    And in other news, eveshka told me how she knows you. And how I apparently kinda-sorta do, being in the same place, the same time.

    And in other, more random news, and having just re-read Winter Moon – Jo clearly needs to watch White Men Can’t Jump for her dose of half-nekkid Wesley Snipes. *ahem* *I blame FX for that comment, by the by*

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