so what do you do…

…at 1:30am when the baby is up again for a second jetlagged night in a row? You go make with the bright makeup and do a little middle of the night photo shoot with the FREAKING AWESOME CHANCE MASK THAT GOWS SENT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Take A Chance" mask!

chin points! :)

working the crazy, baby


I actually just stared when I opened the box. Total incomprehension. I mean, I knew what it was, but I’d talked to somebody a while ago about making just such a mask and things kind of went south there, so I was like “…how did E scoop me on this? Wha? How? Wha? …no. no, this is something else this is something she did OH MY FREAKING *GOD*!!!!”

The first one is actually quite pretty, I think. The second is mostly to show off the chin points, and the third is my favorite, because come on, how often do you get to rock the crazy that flipping hard?

*dances with glee*!!!


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