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Apropos of pretty much nothing, I gotta say that having joined G+ and all, my reaction is not “wean other social networks off & just use G+” so much as it is “I’m pretty sick of social networks & am not wildly inclined to use any of them anymore.”

I’m finding that to be a rock and a hard place, though, professionally speaking. Between G+, Twitter & FB I’ve got somewhere in the region of 2500 followers (a fair percentage of whom, I’m sure, are repeat offenders, but many of whom are not), and I don’t want to lose the tenuous contact I’ve got with them. Sadly I can’t afford to bribe them to read the blog regularly, so…what’s a girl to do? *wibble*

2 thoughts on “social networked out

  1. Set up the blog to post to the other social networks, thus saving you from having to actually interact with folks?

  2. I have a similar problem. Sometimes I’ll FB/Tweet a link to my blog, but I also have my blog set up to post to FB as a note, only truncated. Sometimes people actually go to my blog and comment. Sometimes they ask why the note was cut off. Argh! ;-)

    That said, I use HootSuite to post to FB and Twitter simultaneously, and sometimes to LinkedIn (Hootsuite allows me to pick where the posts go). I’m hoping HootSuite will add G+ soon. There are other similar programs: Tweetdeck and Seesmic are two other big ones.

    Hopes this helps!

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