sometimes she does things she can’t understand

I’ve just signed up for NaNoWriMo.

I have no idea why I’ve done this. If I’ve gotten everything done by November 1, I should be signed up for NoMoWriMoEVAH and should lie under the bed with a cold compress on my head for a month.

Yeah, but what the hell, right?


23 thoughts on “sometimes she does things she can’t understand

  1. Go mutant Kit! Go mutant Kit!

    By the way – totally feel your pain on the gonnagobutitsgonnarain front. Somebody should really tell the sky there are people without enclosed transportation depending on it to keep its mind made up. :P

  2. *laughs*

    *…then realizes I really have no ground to stand on…*

    *signs up, too*

  3. Well, I guess it’s a bit of variation in the wordcount — make it a race with the rest of the nanoers =)

  4. Argh, my time sense is completely blown! It’s less than 4 weeks until Nanowrio again? *sigh* I guess I’ll sign up again and try to make the time.

    Thank you for the reminder :)

  5. Apropos of nothing.. Why is your miles to Isengard number getting bigger as opposed to smaller? one assumes if you’re going to somewhere that means that you’re getting closer.. or have I missed the bus here?

  6. Because I count the number of miles I’ve travelled on the way there, rather than the number left. :)

    I thought this was intuitive, but every few months someone else asks me that question. :)

  7. And now you must share your Nano-login so we can all friend you and be jealous of your wordcounts. *g*

  8. Yeah! Yeah! That’s it, man! You totally get it! Yeah!

    That’s an awesome userpic. Is it you? (I ask only after rooting through your entire userpic list and being unable to determine whether it is or not. :) Also, I have noticed you’re a Highlander fan. Have you read my HL fic, IMMORTAL BELOVED?

  9. Added!

    I figure the more people I have on my list, the more accountable I feel. *g*

  10. No, sadly I don’t think I’m that pretty. That’s Alicia Witt. Her hair is the same color as mine, though.

    Oh, I adore Highlander. I’ve had mad love for Richie for years. I’ve been meaning to read your story, but I haven’t had the time. Will do, though.

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