Soooooo… whatcha think?

4 thoughts on “sooo…

  1. I like it too.

    Now, if I believed I might write regularly, I might blog… but my paper journal (untouched for months now, and I’m a pen person) shows just how likely that would be.

  2. Wow, that page loaded fast. Teach me your way, oh master of the mystic arts of HTML!

  3. The comments page is different because I haven’t actually gone through the 2345293831947 file conversion that needs to happen in order for the comments page to be the same; in other words, it’s not on purple. But it is kind of interesting, isn’t it?

    Evan, of all people! hi!

    *laugh* You taught *me* HTML, Janne. :) Actually, it’s really a pretty simple layout. Only one graphic, so there’s no reason for it to be ponderous. :)

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