soooo tired

Sooooo tired. Got up for a while this morning and then actually went back to bed. Woulda stayed there a lot longer, too, except I had a meeting at 9. *yawn*

We need more chew toys for the puppy. She is very chewy. Plus I think she got visibly taller last night while we were playing with her. o.o She chewed apart one of her pee pads (a clean one) this morning. I have to clean it up. It’s strewn all over the office.

I amused the hell out of my coworkers by wailing helplessly at the dog while in a meeting this morning. They thought it was very, very funny. :) Between Chantico and the cats, they get a lot of enjoyment out of me calling into meetings. :)

I have _no_ brain.

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  1. Live! Live! The All-Alaskan Pet Show! Coming Live! to a meeting near you…

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