soooooo sleeeeeeeepy!

Still soooooo sleeeeeepy! Went to bed around 11 last night, slept like the very very dead. Got up still a drooling idiot this morning. I was thinking about taking 2 days off next week. Now I’m thinking about taking 3 days off…

But that’s not the interesting part! The interesting part is that Ted went to a mortgage company yesterday and they said we pre-qualified for an up-to $203K house loan.

*falls right over* Given that a year ago (ok, 18 months) they said they’d only give us a house loan with the sacrifice of our right arms and a kidney each, this is pretty amazing. Go us! So we spent quite a lot of time last night driving around looking at houses that we now KNEW if we could possibly buy or not! Mostly, of course, it was not, but y’know, still! Pretty neat! Wow!

3 thoughts on “soooooo sleeeeeeeepy!

  1. That’s awesome! $203,000 is a lot of money and though it won’t buy a ton of house in Anchorage, it’s a great thing to know that you could get it if you wanted to. YAY! Buy a house so I have an excuse to come visit!

  2. Wow! Go Kit! :) $203K would buy a reasonably nice house in my little area of NY.. is real estate so very expensive up there?

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