Splah. Nastygram from the state today about Ted’s AK student loan. I called them up and asked why there was a nastygram and they said not to worry about it, more or less. Which is nice, I guess. It’s automated paperwork, the stuff they sent out, telling us we’re 150 days in default. Given that we used to be like … a lot more than that, I thought it was weird they were sending it. But apparently it’s just one of the random dates; when the computer says it’s 150 days in default, it generates a letter to tell us that. Nevermind that we’re coming back from being in default.

Anyway, they got the forebearance paperwork on the 17th of April and they say it’s been taking a full 30 days to get it processed, so we’ll probably get a couple more of those sorts of letters. At least the number of days in default are getting smaller instead of larger.

I’m tired of bills. I’m tired of a few hundred dollars here and a few hundred dollars there (like, oh, car insurance, sigh) and I’m tired of the end being in sight but never actually seeming to arrive. Which is pretty lame, because we /have/ gotten ourselves out of default on all the student loans (or will have when this last one is finished being taken care of), which is a big fat end, but … *sigh*

I wish Chantico would lie down and go to sleep. I’m tired of puppies, too.

2 thoughts on “splah

  1. I can sympathize. Sometimes it is hard to convince myself that moving in baby steps is better than being motionless. It’s so frustrating to be limited when I want to take great giant leaps.

  2. I hear you! Just keep reminding ourselves, it’s getting better, bit by bit….

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