Gnaaah. Chantico came upstairs at 7:20 or so — after Ted had left for work, so I have to assume that the overly-taped-up cardboard wall I put in place last night actually held the little darling all night, blessing of blessings — and was Incredibly Hyper Puppy, which continued as I brought her out, and then after I brought her in again. She gallumphed around and I let her, to the detriment of one of Ted’s comic books, the remains of which I spanked her with, causing her to finally become more subdued.

Did I mention that the gym called me yesterday and gave me a free pass because it’d been closed last Friday? The girl who called me said they’d been having trouble finding people to work, and that she’d finally given up and gone home in exhaustion after working 14.5 hours on 2 hours of sleep, which I thought was not unreasonable. I’d kind of suspected the problem was lack of people to work, and I was relatively pleased that they called up to offer me a pass, so, y’know. Copacetic.

I feel like Miss Dehydration Lass today. Headachy. :P

2 thoughts on “splah

  1. Well it is my own fault then. I didn’t tape up the cardboard to nearly the extent that you did last night. I will learn from my mistakes. :(

  2. I don’t think she tore the comic up until after I’d been up a while. I let her romp around upstairs while I was trying to get logged into work and I think that’s when she did it. So it’s not your fault.

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