spring cleaning, i guess

I read an article the other day that said the average American household has 300,000 items in it and now I want to get rid of everything we own. :p

I mean, this isn’t really like a sudden new urge. I’ve been suffering from the Tyranny Of Things for a while now, and I keep grimly trying to do something about it. It doesn’t seem to get anywhere. More books appear. More RANDOM PIECES OF PAPER appear. I hang on to clothes in the hope that I’ll get slim enough for them or the fear I’ll get fat enough for them. There are unnecessary numbers of shoes. On and on it goes. And today I’m trying to clean the office. It’s not going well. Like, so:

oh look at all these rogue figurines do i really need to keep all of these they mostly just collect dust

oh look at all the art supplies i can’t justify because i never do any art

oh look at all the sewing supplies i can’t justify because i never do any sewing

oh look at all the bags i can’t justify because NOBODY NEEDS THIS MANY BAGS, JFC WHY DO I HAVE 8 CAMERA BAGS

oh look at all the unnecessary copies of my own books i have, why am i keeping french copies, it’s not like i read french

oh look at all the history books i have which are never going to be useful if i don’t read them so i can write books drawing from their info

oh look at all the great bookends i have but can’t use because i have TOO MANY BOOKS and they go from shelf-end to shelf-end

oh look a rogue wig & 2 white wigs meant to be test cases for a nebari/chiana costume if i ever got less fat/sewed again do i need those NO

oh look jr high & high school yearbooks? do i need those? no. i do not. their only value is briefly entertaining children. and yet.

oh look dictionaries of angels. am i ever going to write the not-exactly-post-apocalyptic fallen angels books? probably not. so do i need the angel dictionary? no. AND YET.

The really grim thing is despite appearances I do keep trying to get rid of stuff and it JUST KEEPS ACCUMULATING. Part of that is almost certainly that, for example, I managed to clear off enough shelf space to TAKE STUFF OUT OF BOXES. And I got rid of a lot when I took it out of boxes, BUT STILL.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve gone about as far as I can today. At least in this room.

1 thought on “spring cleaning, i guess

  1. Janene says:

    Miz Kit – I think you need to have an Etsy (or similar) shop for killing/cleaning some of that clutter!

    Just to make it easier to do I’d take evenly sized boxes and weigh them… figure out postage for 4lbs (or similar) to the farthest reaches you can think someone will order from … and then post them. One photo for what’s in Box A… etc.

    But that’s just me… 300,000 – shoot! Now I want to count and declutter!
    Janene (in Alaska)

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