spurred on

Spurred on by my sister’s encouragement, plus some gushing email from another friend who’s reading Angles, I wrote 2900 words tonight and am now at 21000 or so total. Nearly at the halfway point for wordcount! Slightly less than halfway through the story — I believe the halfway point is somewhere between 7500-10K words out, whereas the wordcount halfway point is a mere 4000 or so words out. Still, I should reach halfway in wordcount by Thursday, I think (I have to edit more US before I can write more Angles, though), and if I’m terribly, terribly cool, maybe I’ll complete the second third of the book this weekend, which would be somewhere around 36K words. I’m not sure I’m holding my breath on that one, though.

To bed, now, so I can get up and gym, hopefully, or maybe at least write. Stupid stores around here have no swimsuits. I’m going to have to order one online. Feh.

Night, anyway. :)

4 thoughts on “spurred on

  1. Well, everyone knows that nobody at all ever wants to buy a swimsuit once the holiday season is over. Why, that’s nearly as silly as the idea that you might want to buy a warm sweater in March!

  2. Or a raincoat and/or sweatshirt in June. Because it never, ever rains or gets chilly in June, after all.

  3. You might try a sporting goods kind of place if there’s one handy. Big 5 down here carries them year round for swim team sorts and all. Speaking of which, you could call some local place with a swim team and ask where they get their suits. I have to go get a new one, too- the Liard Hot Springs melted the spandex in mine. :P

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