I was cleaning up the living room and got around to opening the envelope from Harlequin that arrived last week. I hadn’t opened it then ’cause I’d assumed it had the quarterly newsletter in it, and I didn’t care that much. I was wrong!


41 thoughts on “SQUEE!

  1. They put the car in the picture!! That is a pretty piece of work, truly. That’s a cover that makes you want to pick the book up.


  2. *laughs* You had the cover for a whole week and didn’t open it? What was your first thought when you finally opened it?

  3. Beautiful! That’ll teach you not to open your mail right away!

    Probably a nice touch on the fact you’re done writing for a while though! :)

  4. All the covers for the Walker Papers have been very nice. I’ve been quite impressed actually.


    That cover is awesome in every way possible; I particularly like the glossy-print paw-prints, those are really nifty.

    These are extremely handsome volumes I’m getting to add to my shelves (where I’ll put them is another matter, as I decrease bookcase by one), which I couldn’t be happier about.

  6. “Wouldn’t it just be easier to save the world?” I about died reading that. It is so perfect.
    While I have really liked the covers for the other two…I think this is my favorite by far. And yeah…the car is awesome.

  7. Ooh, pretty cover!

    I’m trying to work out if the thing to the right of her hand is a coyote pawprint at an angle, or something else. :)

  8. ::drool::

    I wants it. I wants it now!
    The cover is awesome, yay for Petite! But it’s the blurb that makes me wants it most. I am a Morrison fan, I will not deny it. ;)

  9. Awesome cover!

    And the blurb makes me want to read the book right NOW. :-)

    (Is it bad though that the part most interesting to me is the dreams she’s having about her boss?) *grin*

  10. Immediately to the right, or to the right and below? To the right and below is a paw print, yeah. Immediately to the right is the … loopy leather thing, I don’t really know what it is, that she’s got in her hand on the front cover of URBAN SHAMAN.

  11. *steeples fingers* Ex-cellent.

    But yeah, the fact that it’s Jay’s face does make it seem at first glance like Jay posted it.

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