I was cleaning up the living room and got around to opening the envelope from Harlequin that arrived last week. I hadn’t opened it then ’cause I’d assumed it had the quarterly newsletter in it, and I didn’t care that much. I was wrong!



  1. aelfsciene


    That cover is awesome in every way possible; I particularly like the glossy-print paw-prints, those are really nifty.

    These are extremely handsome volumes I’m getting to add to my shelves (where I’ll put them is another matter, as I decrease bookcase by one), which I couldn’t be happier about.

  2. ysarndrax

    “Wouldn’t it just be easier to save the world?” I about died reading that. It is so perfect.
    While I have really liked the covers for the other two…I think this is my favorite by far. And yeah…the car is awesome.

  3. veilofgrace


    I wants it. I wants it now!
    The cover is awesome, yay for Petite! But it’s the blurb that makes me wants it most. I am a Morrison fan, I will not deny it. ;)

  4. ammepyre

    Awesome cover!

    And the blurb makes me want to read the book right NOW. :-)

    (Is it bad though that the part most interesting to me is the dreams she’s having about her boss?) *grin*

  5. mizkit

    Immediately to the right, or to the right and below? To the right and below is a paw print, yeah. Immediately to the right is the … loopy leather thing, I don’t really know what it is, that she’s got in her hand on the front cover of URBAN SHAMAN.

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