The fucking little yap dog just *bit* me. Jesus *Christ*. I went out for a walk without Chanti this evening and the stupid goddamned little dog came charging out, and I figured there wasn’t any reason to yell it off, because I figured its big deal was the 80 pound dog.

No. Not so much. It came snapping and barking at my ankles and I told it to get off and it ran around in a circle and then came up and fucking *bit me on the ankle*. I’ve got a raised bruise on the back of my goddamned calf. Fucking little *monster*. I turned right the fuck around and went and rang its owner’s doorbell, because Jesus fucking *Christ*. I mean, great, you know, I hate to complain, because Ugly American, but the fucking dog *bit* me. The owner apologized and said he was putting up a gate to keep it in and expressed astonishment, but fuck this, let’s hear it for ugly americanism. If there’s an animal control number, or something of that ilk, next time that little monster charges me and Chantico I’m fucking well calling it. I cannot *believe* it *bit* me.


  1. wiredwizard

    Little dogs can be vicious. We used to have a gigantic german shepard & a little mini-dacshund. The neighbor’s dog would charge the 2 of them when I’d take the 2 of them for a walk & the german shepard would just ignore him, but little Odie would try so hard to tear a chunk out of the neighbor’s dog and anyone/thing who got in his way of trying.

    Odie, one weird little dog… I miss him.

  2. mylescorcoran

    I quite like dogs, but I don’t really regard yappy little penwiper sh*ts as dogs. A water pistol with something lemon-scented detergent based is a useful sidearm in such situations. Some dogs are really put off by a bigger dog who pees on them from 10 feet away.

  3. creativedv8tion

    I really think you should call your animal control number ASAP. The dog needs to be reported, so they can investigate, for several reasons:

    • If the dog has a history of biting people, they prolly know about it and this can be used against the owner, if this is the case. Sure, he expressed astonishment and all – and maybe he’s being true, but maybe he was acting.
    • You need to find out if the dog is current on it’s vaccinations. I’m not sure what the sitch over in Eire is, but here when a dog bites someone, there’s a mandatory period of quarantine/observation, and if the owner doesn’t have records of being up to date… it really needs to be observed.
  4. boymonster

    My uncle Mark, who is an enormous man, was walking home from field hockey practice one day when the evil little dog in the house on his street rushed out and bit him. So he hooked it over the high fence of the property with his hockey stick.

    He tells me he never had a problem with it again.

  5. bellinghman

    If Ireland is anything like Britain in this respect, that’s not normally a consideration. There’s no rabies in Britain. Ireland, being shielded from the rabies areas of France by Britain should have even less to worry about.

    Having said which, any dog that bites is a menace, and needs reporting. There’s an old principle that says “any dog is allowed one bite”. The second time, it’s assumed that the owner hasn’t been prepared to address the situation.

    (Again, Ireland is not Britain, it’s merely next door with a lot of history and law in common.)

    : See you at the Glenroyal, perhaps. And my sympathies.

  6. madmiss

    If the owner has to put up a gate to keep the dog in, they can’t be that bloody astonished.

    (That’s all I’m going to say on the matter, cause I’m sorta a pro-animal person and tend to think majority of the blame lies with the person who owns the animal.)

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