still chugging

Inevitably, the “just a few little things” are taking much longer than anticipated, but they’re the kinds of things I’m glad I’m doing, so it’s okay. I’ve been through the manuscript about eleven times this morning and I’m getting a little tired of it, but OTOH, once in a while I come across a line that still makes me very happy. So it must be worth it. And I really think I’m down to the last bits now! Honest! Practically, anyway! :)

*Doesn’t matter if you don’t want the vague mumblings. You’ll get ’em anyway. :)

10 thoughts on “still chugging

  1. My guess is that you’ll talk about writing no matter what else is going on, as that’s your work life. Kinda like me and teaching — it’s my work life, and a very big part of my life in general.

    I guess I’d like to hear about life and family more, or the things you do outside of writing. Perhaps I am not on the appropriate filter for that, but I’d love to hear little things — your observances on emigrating to Europe, the fish in Cork — that sort of thing. I do enjoy many of your writing posts but…sometimes I get the impression that you may think it’s all that anyone but your closest friends want to hear about.

    Hope this helps. :)

  2. You’re making the rash assumption I have a life outside of writing… :)

    Actually, it’s not a question of filters–you’re right, I don’t talk a lot about stuff outside of work, and it’s partly that I do figure a lot of readers are here for the writing. It’s also partly that when I *am* writing, it really does take up nearly all my concentration, and I have a really bad habit of letting everything else drop off the radar.

    I shall keep these things in mind! :)

  3. You could talk about Yoga or Ballet or the lovely walk by the Lee…

    I’m always up for stories of how Ireland is odd and strange compared to the normality of Alaska…

    At the last con someone mentioned the selection of race or character names and how a writer choses?

  4. perfect – I will go just to hear the answer

    *mutters and whispering*

    //twat// “shhh! yes – I know I was going anyway – but don’t tell them that”

    *scurring sound*

  5. This should be embarrassing to admit, but, embarrassingly, I’m past that point.

    I pretty much love listening to you blather on about anything that enters your head. :)

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