stinky puppy

Stinky puppy. I suspect the rawhide bone she finally deigned to chew up last night is the cause of stinkiness. Maybe no more rawhides for her.

We went on another walk this morning. 2.5 miles. Not as early as I’d planned, as I didn’t get up til a quarter to seven, but at least we went! And I’m hoping the weather stays as nice as it is right now, so I can bike tonight. Well, I could bike even if it isn’t nice, but it’d be a lot more pleasant to do so in the sunshine.

That’s really the sum total of what I know this morning.

Miles to Rivendell:
Catie: 78
Dave: 211.4 (Dave is going to Mordor) (and probably back again.)
Heather: 64.5
Jai: 71.1
Shoka: 69.5


  1. happymom

    No, no, no…Dave is going to Minas Morgul! I just walked 2 miles at lunch, so I am almost caught up to Shoka (who, is Shoka?) at 66.5 miles. *pant pant pant*

  2. shoka

    Eep, hi. I’m a Japanese Bobtail cat-owning, corgi-wanting someone who met on . She’s where I learned about the walk to Rivendell and being in severe need of excercise, took up the challenge. I’m alternating walking and biking, so my milage has been racking up faster than I expected.

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