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Marvel Comics is starting their Epic line again, as an independent work-for-hire. I’m thinkin’ of submitting stuff to it, when they open for submissions. As a writer, since I’m not anywhere near cool enough to submit as an artist.

So I went to see if I could buy Panel One, which is a book on writing comic book scripts, and instead I accidentally bought Drawing Cutting Edge Comics, which of course makes me fully aware of how entirely inadequate an artist I am. But maybe it’ll help me when I work on the Chance thingy. Which I have 3 pages scripted for now!

I biked 13 miles last night. If I could find the # of miles from the Shire, I’d keep track of Biking To Mordor.

Speaking of which, miles to Rivendell:
Heather: 55.7
Dave: 162.5
Jai: 55.1
Shoka: 53

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  1. kirbyk

    If you wrote a comic book, I’d buy it! And if it were good (and it probably would be), I’d post about it on the strange little corners of the internet, where they fear I may be a god.

    Or something like that. But, hey, do it! It’d be a blast, if they say yes.

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