stupid brain

Stupid brain. Does anybody have any brilliant suggestions on how to make oneself actually get out of /bed/ when the alarm goes off at 6? Yah, I know, Trip just gets up, but that’s unnatural.


  1. Trip

    Hmph! Just because I’m a brain-sucking space parasite doesn’t mean I’m UNNATURAL! Er.

    Anyway, I suspect the way to become the sort of person who just gets up is to avoid becoming the sort of person who lies abed after the alarm goes off. I don’t know how to change from one to the other.

  2. Aberdeen

    Well, when I put the alarm clock across the room from my bed and have to actually walk over there to turn it off… well, that helps… most of the time… except when I manage to walk across the room and turn it off and walk back to my bed and still be asleep…

    The daylight alarm has been the biggest help in that department, though when I’m terribly overtired it still isn’t enough.

  3. Laura

    My system, which works well most of the time, is as follows:

    1. Christmas tree lights (white ones) on a timer go off 30 minutes before alarm 1 to start putting my body into that “it’s daylight, MOVE” mode.

    2. Alarm 1 goes off 5 minutes before I’m supposed to get up. Alarm 1 is next to the bed.

    3. Alarm 2 goes off when I’m supposed to get up. It’s away from the bed and is horribly annoying and by the time I get to it, I’m usually awake enough to deal with it (because of the lights and alarm 1) and make myself get up.

  4. Dor

    I have no suggestions that haven’t already been made, but I offer sympathy instead. When I was in high school, my mother woke me by turning on my room lights and I woke up ready to move. Sometime in college I got used to sleeping in, and I’ve never managed to break the habit.

  5. Janne

    I do the bit with two alarm clocks too, a ‘nice’ one next to the bed and a ‘nasty’ one across the room. In addition, I’ve gotten into the habit of making the bed the moment my feet hit the floor. That drastically reduces the temptation to do just a few more minutes after turning off clock #2 :)

  6. Trip

    For extra awakeness-enforcing, you could put the nasty alarm in a cage of some kind with a padlock, and hide the key in another room (but not a room where you can’t hear the alarm).

    I admit, this will probably just show how much you can accomplish without ever achieving consciousness, but I bet it will really entertain Ted!

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