such a headache

Such a headache I have. It’s better now than it was before I took aspirin, but still, man.

I have to get breakfast. I’ve already missed it once because of the stupid 9am meeting, and now I’ve got another one at 10. I hate meetings.

I also hate canker sores.

I’m just full of hate and loathing this morning, aren’t I? On the other hand, I biked 23 miles last night. I’ll post some at OYL later. But now, breakfast. And a meeting.

I’m so jealous of coTangent. He’s hiking the Pacific Coast Trail this summer. I’d really like to do that someday … even after reading his blog. :)

1 thought on “such a headache

  1. you have my sympathy on the canker sore front…i have two right now. i usually get them from insufficient sleep, but they emerged the day after i got a 12 hour night of sleep….

    which followed a 6 hour night and an 8 hour night…

    and i could also use a vacation, but that’s another story…

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