such a mess.

This book is such a mess. Not the disasterous mess it was at the beginning of this year where I had to rewrite eighty quazrillion words, but still a mess. I just finished ch. 29 and I think I’m pretty close to right on schedule for wrapping up at ch. 35, but there’s a whole *lot* of fixing that needs to be done with this book. I’ve been taking notes on what I need to fix. It’s questions of pacing and timing, mostly. Motivations, somewhat. Possibly I need to add another character to the book. *fuss fuss* The final draft of this book is not going to look much at all like its first drafts, I suspect. But at least I know what needs fixing, and how to fix it. I’ll finish it up, put it away for a while and work on something else, and come back to it maybe this fall before I start the third book. September. That’d be a good time to come back to it. Aaah, the joy of writing! Mess! Mess mess mess! But a mess I feel more or less in control of, which is good. :)

ytd wordcount: 57,800
mood: chipper, despite it all!

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