I have just been *completely* suckered by Lucy.

I went upstairs. She was sitting on the lowest set of stairs in the house. I petted her a little as I went by. I came back downstairs. She was still sitting there. I said, “Whatcha doing, kitty?” and stopped to scritch her more thoroughly. She streeeeetched and put her paws on my leg and sort of climbed up my body, so of course I picked her up and she crawled up to put her legs over my shoulder and began purring loudly.

It was then clear to me that what she was doing was waiting for a human to come pick her up so she wouldn’t have to walk the twelve feet from the bottom of the stairs into the computer room, where she obviously wanted to be, because it’s where she is now drinking water out of my coffee cup.

3 thoughts on “sucker!

  1. What do you mean, suckered? You carried

    her, she purred. Thus is the ancient

    bargain between cat and Kit fulfilled!

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