The other reason I was later getting in this morning is because I came down the stairs to the landing at, oh, I don’t know, ten after eight? Eight twenty? And pulled up the shade and discovered a gorgeous sunrise going on over the mountains.

And so I stayed there, and watched the whole thing. There was a bowl created by the mountains, and the sky above it started out hot pink and gold, and gradually faded to a volcano’s glow cupped by the bowl, only a hundred shades paler than any volcano ever would be. One mountain peak was in just the right place to keep a shaft of blue shadow cut through the golds and reds, right from the time I started watching, all the way through to the clouds turning white-gold and the sun turning from an idea into a reality over the mountains’ edge.

Forget the earth turning and the sun staying still; forget all that. Sunrise is pure magic.

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  1. I SAW THAT!!!!! I didn’t have anyone to share it with but I knocked on the window of our accountant. She sort of smiled vaguely. I stood and stared.

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