swimming and such

I meant to do this on Saturday, but, well, no net.

weight: 194 pounds

swam: 1750 yards


swam: 2300 yards

ate: a brownie immediately afterwards. doh.

2 thoughts on “swimming and such

  1. You am a swimmin’ foo’. I can’t swim no more, because it’s cold outside. But in the summer I can. For now, I will have to settle for dancing.

    And trying to get my comments to work. Feh.

  2. Nobody in Alaska swims outdoors anyway. :) But dancing is good! I was thinking about going to one of the dance studios here and seeing if they still had stupid teachers or if they had better ones now.

    I really wish I had a transporter, so I could transport myself down to Los Altos and take the dance class that I took a few times while I was living there. That was a lot of fun. A lot a lot a lot!

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