We have synopsis!

I *just* about finished up the REDEEMER synopsis last night. In fact, I called it done even though I knew there was more I could put in. I thought it was primarily emotional storyline stuff and probably wouldn’t make *that* much difference to the synopsis as a whole, but in a fit of Covering All Bases (I guess) this morning I decided to go ahead and put those bits in.

Somewhat to my surprise, what happened with the addition of those 400 words was the whole thing suddenly came together in an unexpectedly cohesive manner. I’ve pulled all the plot threads together, and I think I’m actively happy with the shape it’s all turned out to be. There are a lot of seeds for future plot lines, assuming this does well enough to justify writing more in the Redeemer Wars, and I’m really looking forward to plunging into the actual writing.

I’m really *interested* to see how the longer, more exhaustive synopsis pays off. I’ve spent about 15-20 hours on this and ended up with a Proper Synopsis of 7400 words. Last year I spent about 10-12 hours on a 3K synopsis for a 75K book; the entire project, including the synopsis, took about 70 hours to write. (It was, granted, a *particularly* frothy book.) So I’m very very curious to see how this goes, and will keep you posted. Because I know you’re as interested in the gritty details as I am… O.O :)

In the meantime I’ve been talking with cover artist Lindsey Look about the cover, which has been LOTS of fun. It’s up on her docket in the relatively near future, so, well, frankly I’m basically already dying to do a cover reveal, and it’s not even in sketches yet! :)

ytd wordcount: 93,200

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  • Lola Stockmaster

    I can’t wait. I also like to know about the writing process because I find it interesting how things like that happen

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