T minus 1

Less than that even, now. The movers are coming in 12 hours. Actually less, or they’d better be.

Things are more or less packed, with the emphasis on more. As Ted said, at this point it’s almost impossible to see the forest for the trees. It’s hard to tell what’s unpacked anymore because there are boxes all over the damn place.

We’re all very tired. Poor Indy is high strung with excited nerves and exhaustion. Ted and I are just exhausted. We keep saying, “It’s only Monday,” with disbelieving horror. The rest of the week is full of rather horrid back and forthing, what with trying to unpack in one house, clean another, finish up the pre-school year for Indy, and (in my case) somewhat later than intended bringing our nephews to see the IMAX Jurassic World. (I brought them to see the IMAX re-release of Jurassic Park, which they were the perfect age for. They spent most of the film NOT QUITE climbing into my lap in sheer delighted terror. I can’t resist bringing them to JW. :))

I smashed my arm against a wardrobe today and have a lumpy bruise that still hurts.

Going to bed now. Long damn day ahead of us tomorrow. Wish us luck.

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