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    Launch Day: RAVEN HEART!

    I’m completely delighted to announce that my so-fun-to-write little billionaire shapeshifter novella RAVEN HEART launches into the big brave world today!

    RAVEN HEART on Amazon!

    RAVEN HEART on Barnes & Noble (Nook)!

    RAVEN HEART on iTunes!

    RAVEN HEART on Kobo!


    A curvy woman determined to protect her town, a raven shifter protector with secrets to keep, and a beast out for his own profit add up to an action-packed romance!

    Curvy political activist Elena Peratrovitch has only one passion: keeping her small Alaskan town of Shkalnik free of business developments that would ruin its remote beauty. But when the government puts neighboring land up for lease, Elena must face down the billionaires who come to invest in the territory. She thinks nothing can change her opposition to developing Shkalnik…

    …until gorgeous, sensual Richard Yale arrives on the scene. He’s like no man Elena has ever met–and not just because he’s richer than Midas. Richard’s life as a shapeshifter and a protector of the Tlingit people must remain a secret–until the price of keeping secrets could be the life of the woman he falls in love with at first sight.

    Caught between passion and politics, Richard and Elena must fight to find common ground, and to keep Shkalnik out of the hands of those who would truly do it harm…

    Here’s a bit of information you’ll only find on this page: Shkalnik is taken from the Tlingit word shkalneek, which means ‘story’. So Shkalnik is my Alaskan billionaire shifters story town. It took me like five days to come up with that name and I’m so happy with it. :)

    I’m planning to write at least four Alaskan Totem novellas, and when I’ve got them all done I’ll be doing a print edition because I think that would be way fun. :) In an ideal world that’ll be around this time next year because I’d like to release Murphy Lawless novellas quarterly. :)

    Murphy Lawless has a Facebook page, a Twitter account (which will be more useful when I find a client that lets me manage more than one freaking Twitter account at once), and will soon have a website as soon as I get hosting for it. Oh, and a mailing list!

    I hope you enjoy reading RAVEN HEART as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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    Kitsnaps: Rimfrost

    More from the photo archives; a glorious winter day in 2003, where I lay in the snow and took pictures of rimfrosted trees, and of my puppy snoofling me. <3 rimfrost



  • Kitsnaps

    Kitsnaps: Eklutna Lake

    Sadly, no, I have not been home lately to take these pictures; they’re from 2003, when several of us went out kayaking on Eklutna Lake, outside of Anchorage, on a ridiculously glorious day.



    I’m going through my digital photo archives, trying to clean them up and get rid of all the terrible pictures, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for, uh, ever. Mostly it’s not very hard, but these Alaska photos do make me homesick.

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    Daily Life

    oh no

    There’s been a bad plane crash in Soldotna, the next town over from my home town of Kenai. Ten people were killed. They haven’t released names yet, except somebody I went to high school with just said the pilot was a family member.

    When I was fourteen there was a terrible, terrible small plane crash in Homer that killed about twenty people and injured several more. Among the dead were a junior high history teacher, which meant literally everyone at my high school had had him as a teacher, and his son, whom I’d known (and had a crush on) since grade school.

    I sobbed when I read about this plane wreck. I’m having a hard time not crying writing this. No unbelievably traumatic associations here or anything, no sir.

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    It is an entirely perfect evening out. The sun’s setting (at 8pm, wah, winter is coming) and the sky is gold and blue and gorgeous. I wish we’d get decent weather like this for a few weeks. The entire population of the island is depressed. Thursday was half decent, but that made yesterday’s misery all the worse. I’m going to cry like a little girl if tomorrow’s awful again. Moop. (Obviously I expect it’s going to be bad.)

    Autumn’s actually my favorite time of year. It’s the best time to be outdoors in Alaska. September and October are crisp and cool and frequently clear. It gets down to 29 or 30 degrees at night, so the ubiquitous mosquitoes are dead, but it warms up to the thirties and forties during the day. If you go biking early enough in the morning, you get to crush the thin-thin ice skimmed over the puddles, and it makes a great satisfying crackling sound, as do the leaves when you rush through them. Everything’s got that wonderful cold-but-not-quite-frozen smell, and the trees are gold and then black, as the leaves fall. You catch more glimpses of the bald eagles, particularly, with the leaves fallen, and somewhat more of the moose and the occasional bear, though they’re generally retreating by then. In a few more weeks there’s snow and dark, signaling months of no biking–I haven’t got the fortitude for snow biking–and what passes for spring in Alaska is far more unreliable than autumn, full of broken piles of slush and potholes opened up by the heaving earth, so by the time it’s really worth getting outside into the long days, the mosquitoes are back. Summertime is worth the bug dope and sunscreen, of course, but still, autumn’s my favorite time of year.

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    ytd miles swum: 15.5

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