a monstrous beast

I need a new … well. Printer/scanner thing. One that ideally prints up to 8×10 color photos as well as has a 50+ppm b&w text print speed and automatically, no human interference required, will print double-sided pages. I want the scanner quality–well, what I /want/ is for it to be a high quality extra large bed scanner like they used to make in about 1998 before they realized they could charge a huge amount more for that kind of thing because the only people who really need scanners that size…

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funny husband :)

Last night we went over to my Mom and Dad’s so Ted could mow their lawn, an activity which Dad supervised/kept him company during, depending, I suppose, on how you want to interpret it. :) Anyway, when he was nearly done, Ted said, “So, Mr. Murphy, I was wondering if it would be okay if I dated your daughter…” *laughs right out loud* Dad said he’d think about it and let Ted know after he mowed the lawn next week. *laughs more* But then after Ted carried out three bags…

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*LAUGHS* Chat with Ted just now: Me: So I was thinking if you wanted to go to Avengers tonight you should go. :) Ted: Ok, I was thinking that you should go. So we must love each other a lot. :) Best husband. :)

best husband.

Not only did Ted take over baby duties for the full long weekend I was gone, but, knowing I had beaten my goal (which was to reach 80K), he went forth and got me a Brain Restorative Media Kit as a congratulations gift: Season 1 Game of Thrones, the A-Team movie (who can resist Brad Cooper?), and a Jessie J and Pixie Lott album each. We have now watched the first episode of GoT, which,