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Last night we went over to my Mom and Dad’s so Ted could mow their lawn, an activity which Dad supervised/kept him company during, depending, I suppose, on how you want to interpret it. :) Anyway, when he was nearly done, Ted said, “So, Mr. Murphy, I was wondering if it would be okay if I dated your daughter…” *laughs right out loud*

Dad said he’d think about it and let Ted know after he mowed the lawn next week. *laughs more* But then after Ted carried out three bags of mown grass Dad allowed as how he could date me. “I figure in a few years he’ll give me permission to marry you!” Ted said cheerfully. *laughs and laughs* Funny, funny husband. :)

Related only because the above reminded me of something I wanted to find out about a fictional husband, we watched “Crazy Stupid Love” on the plane home, without sound because it’s not worth trying to listen to a film while trying to wrangle a 2 year old. I may have missed bits, but in general would like to see if I’ve got the plot of this movie right:

Julianne Moore informs her schlub husband she wants a divorce because she wants to see if he cares enough about their marriage to save it. He throws himself out of a car, meets the inexplicably hot* Ryan Gosling, who teaches him to be less of a schlub, causing him to get the chance to nail Marisa Tomei and then presumably a series of other hot women, all while his wife who didn’t want a divorce in the first place appears to be totally oblivious to the advances of an apparently older version of Ryan Gosling played by Kevin Bacon, and does not get to nail anybody. Eventually her schlub husband embarrasses the entire family at his son’s 8th grade graduation by giving a sentimental speech about how he’s a better man having gotten to nail Marisa Tomei, and Julianne Moore takes him back (this last clause is supposed, as the plane landed before we actually saw that part).

Other things also happen, but that’s the plotline I’m concerned with. Now, first off, yes, that was a really bad way for Julianne Moore to find out if her husband still wanted to be married, but overlooking that detail, seriously, WTF, how exactly does it work that the schlub gets a Get Out Of Marriage Free pass and gets to nail Marisa Tomei while the genuinely hot wife just mopes around miserably not taking advantage of the scenario she initiated? I mean, where’s the justice in that?

eta: (Ah. I see from a plot synopsis, which I only just thought to look up, that I missed the part where Julianne had already nailed Kevin. I suppose that makes the whole thing make vaguely more sense, although it also negates the entire point of having written the second half of this post.)

*I would like to make it clear that when I say Ryan Gosling is inexplicably hot, I do not mean OMG HOW CAN ANYBODY BE THAT SEXXXAY, but rather, er, how the hell did Ryan Gosling convince anybody he was even vaguely attractive, nevermind a playah? Did I miss the memo about him and Mark Ruffalo? Because glick.

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1 thought on “funny husband :)

  1. Uh spoilers ahead

    Julianne Moores character cheated on her husband and told him she wanted a divorce. She’s telling him about it and he throws himself out of the car.

    He keeps going to the bar and talking about how he’s a cuckold and finally Ryan Gosling’s character can’t stand how depressing he is anymore and tries to help him reinvent himself. It sort of works but Steve Carrells character is still in love with his wife and just wants her back.

    The speech at the end is basically to keep his son from saying there’s no such thing as love and that when you find your soulmate you never give up on her. You keep trying.

    Its a sweet picture and I enjoyed it but not enough to go see in a movie theatre, I watched it on cable.

    But I adore Ryan Gosling…apart from finding him to be an interesting actor (and until I saw Drive I felt the same as you did about him) he seems to be a very nice person.

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