I have awakened upon this, the occasion of my 42nd natal day, with a killer headache. Probably not enough water yesterday. ‪#‎hydrates‬ Yesterday I served up bbq pulled pork, applesause, potato salad, pasta salad, green salad, and baked beans for the family. I made everything except the baked beans, which Mom made. It was all really really good, although as Sarah pointed out, in retrospect, too much work for my own birthday. (Mom DID offer to host, but for some reason I said nah, it’s cool. Somewhere around hour 4…

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Five years old. :)

And very excited about it too. Very clear on YESTERDAY he was not yet five, even if we had a birthday party yesterday. (“My birthday celebrated!”) Definitely not five last week when I, being old, started saying he was five. “NOT YET. NOT FOR TWO WEEKS.” (We’re still a little unclear on time. :)) But today, oh my. Today the first words out of his mouth were, “NOW I’m five years old!” And indeed he is. :)

so. many. thinks.

– make applesauce – make biscuits – make bread – make a birthday cake om nom nom – pack up comics. srsly. – send comics. srsly. – books too. – perhaps go, y’know, get send Ted to buy his own small birthday presents to go with his big one – write. ahahahahah. ahahahahha. hahahahaha. *wipes eyes*

happy birthday!

Happy birthday to ALL my birthday twins! Esmerel and Silkblade and Fahri and, er, desperance’s niece whose name I don’t know, and Novella and Morgan Freeman and Marilyn Monroe and Superman! It’s a good day to be born. :) Today I will make a lemon cake (off sugar or not, I’m not denying myself a birthday cake!) and, er, probably clean the house and if I’m lucky I’ll have bbq ribs for dinner, though I suspect it’s going to end up being either ham or some wonderful thing I force…

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