kitty needs a home

My friend St. Rev, who is great of heart and gruff of manner to hide it, has an on-going relationship with some of the stray cats in his neighborhood. He has rescued kittens and cats, many of whom are of a family of strays in the area, but he’s at his cat-capacity. So when this wee fella: showed up recently, St Rev started feeding him, but can’t take him in. They’re in Atlanta. This is a signal boost. If anybody’s looking for a kitten of about 4 months of age,…

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catching up

This is a post of things that are totally unrelated to each other. Just so you know. I haven’t been swimming. My shoulder’s doing better, by and large (though I think I spent too much time knitting last night, or possibly yesterday’s brief spate with free weights should have been done with the lighter weights, because it’s faintly achy today), and I’d been thinking that okay, I really should get back to the pool and that I could give it one more week’s rest and start after we got back…

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clack clack clack

I find writing when there’s music on to be very difficult, but two things are now working against me: One, at the moment, I’m huddled in my office working while the landlord and Ted deal with Manly Things (ie, moving heavy objects, cleaning drains, building sheds, etc), and I have the cats locked in here with me. They are slightly less demanding to be LET OUT NOOOOOOOW if there’s music on, possibly because it makes it harder for them to hear the Interesting Things going on outside the office. Two,…

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well-trained human

Lucy has decided she prefers eating with company. So she’ll chow down for a bit, but if she notices I’ve left the room, she comes looking for me. If I go back to the kitchen with her, she eats a bunch more. I am so very, very well-trained. I went to see Star Trek for a third time today. I just love that movie. The opening scene made me cry. AGAIN. That’s three times, for God’s sake. I think the only two movies I can think of off the top…

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two things make a post!

My editor just emailed to let me know THE QUEEN’S BASTARD has gone back to print for the fifth time. *dancies around and thanks all of you wonderful people who buy my books!* Via , Bay Area resident is trying to find homes for 3 kittens. They are very very cute (of course they are), so if you’re a Bay Area person looking for a kitten, perhaps this is your opportunity. miles to Minas Tirith: 295.5