the horrible truth

The horrible truth is exercise just makes me feel better. I know this *is* true, but I keep mentioning it because I have this hope that someday it’ll actually sink in. I got up early-ish this morning and went for a walk because they said the weather would get increasingly worse as the day wore on (and indeed, it is at this very moment pissing out there) and I wanted to get my licks in while I could. And then I came home and did my Pilates. I’m getting better…

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it’s aaaaaaaaliiiiiiiive!

Rejoining the world of the bloggers after a very pleasant and almost entirely off-line weekend. We had a lovely time with /Kate, and we all ate a truly tremendous amount of turkey, stuffing, and pie (they don’t have canned pumpkin here, so we ended up finding some fresh pumpkin puree, and Mom made the best pumpkin pie that any of us had ever had–and I’ve rarely met a pumpkin pie I didn’t like. Wow. No going back, now!), and lay around being comatose and content. :) Ted made homemade rolls…

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The lovely Interloper Kitty who lives next door has come into our back yard and has found a stiff, dead Quite Large Mouse or Very Small Rat and is now extremely gleefully bouncing and writhing around the patio with it. My own cats are hunched at the back door, glowering in envy. I am entering Day Seven of No Sweets. I have, with literally no other changes to my behavior, lost 3.4 pounds. Some of this is probably dehydration, though, because I’ve also come down with a head cold and…

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House: 0; Kit & Ted: 1

Also, cats: 0; Kit: 2 After yesterday’s eye-mooshing allergy fit (my eye is much better today), this morning was spent in a cleaning fit. Everything has been vacuumed within an inch of its life, including the cats, at least metaphorically. I have washed them. They are not at all happy about this, but at least I was nice enough to lock them in a room with the heat turned all the way up after subjecting them first to the indignity of a shower and then the blowdryer. There was yowling…

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Having done all that writing yesterday, my motivation seems to have drowned in today’s downfall of rain. Its loss is compounded by the kitty cats being cold, and therefore very happy to snuggle on me and emit kitty sleep rays. On the other hand, last night I did think of a Walker Papers short story I could write, so if I manage to locate my motivation, I’ll have something to do with it. Oh, God, my eyeballs itch. *rubs them until they’re swollen* ytd miles swum: 18.7