So I got outbid on that fabulous 1920s style dress, as I’d expected to. I was regretful but not surprised, and started poking around at other not-quite-so-good ones. Then I got an email from a reader. She’d clicked through to see the dress, her husband had seen her looking at it, surmised that she wanted it, and bid on it for her. “But,” she said, “I didn’t want it, I was just looking at it, so would it be too weird if I just had the seller send it to…

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blogging live!

I have posted briefly but wittily (I hope) at, the new Random House SF/F website. There will be more later, but probably not until I get back home. Short version: holy moly, this place is amazing!

comic con schedule, version 1

Ok, my Comic Con schedule is starting to take shape. Currently it looks something like this: WEDNESDAY, JULY 22: Daytime is free, with a potential lunch with (of all things) a friend from Ireland :) Evening is Preview Night. Expect incoherency from the chick who’s flown over from Ireland. THURSDAY, JULY 23: Evening: Random House party (that sounds totally different than what it actually is! *laughs*) FRIDAY, JULY 25 1:00-2:00 Looking at our World: Eye on the Present Authors discuss how they use the supernatural in stories of contemporary society:…

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it’s monday?

Apparently it’s Monday, and I’m not entirely clear on how that happened. I feel like I’m several days, at least, behind. I woke up at 7:something this morning, thought, “I should get up now,” decided to lie in for a few more minutes, had a rather scattered yet vivid dream involving not so much Dean and Sam as the Impala (which the Good Ol’ Boy in the dream said was a Dodge Impala, wtf, but I was playing the part of a … girl/friend who was trying to replace the…

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