Let Them Eat Cake Redux

Dear Persons Who Have Been Following The Cake Saga And Want To Know When I Will Make You One: Come to Eurocon 2014 in Dublin and I will. August 22-24, the weekend after London’s Worldcon. Seriously, you cannot possibly get a better deal than this: 10 days of fandom, PLUS CAKE. Love, Me

some things make a post

The e-book pricing conversation showed a fair amount of support for “mass market paperback price minus 10-20%”, which is pretty interesting. Thank you all for the contributions–coming from a position where I’m looking at doing a bit of self-publishing, it’s really terrific to get that feedback from, well, potential customers, to be blunt about it. :) In other news, I’m teaching a writing course (with an emphasis on fantasy fiction, of course, but equally of course I think any writing course can be generally applied if anything sensible is said…

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Due to circumstances beyond my control, I won’t be going to EasterCon this weekend after all. Somehow I vaguely feel this means I should, I don’t know, write a book this weekend instead. Or at least revise one. That’s normal, right? However, perhaps heading off that urge, I bought the Hunger Games trilogy and a bunch of Dick Francis novels I haven’t read yet. And I’m reading Michelle Sagara’s CAST IN CHAOS, which may be my favorite of the Cast books so far, which is saying a lot, since I…

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P-Con IX Report!

Somewhere along the line Ted and I developed enough opinions about P-Con that this year we ended up on the committee to help run it. In fact, apparently I ended up the Co-Chair on the committee, which I discovered on Saturday morning when Pádraig introduced me as such. :) This year’s P-Con was the first run in association with the Irish Writers’ Centre, where the con was held. We had NO IDEA how that was going to be recieved, because normally cons are held at hotels and normally there’s a…

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a day of a thousand cookies

Okay, probably not a thousand, but I’m doing an awful lot of baking over the next couple days, in preparation for P-Con! It’s being held at the Irish Writers’ Centre this year, which is awesome in all ways except it does lack a bar/food court, so I’m making around a zillion treats and will put them up with a donate button sign. I can’t decide if I should make more smaller cookies, or fewer larger ones (more larger ones is not an option), and I can’t figure out what price…

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