Meet Baloo

Meet Baloo, the newest member of our family: Baloo is a year-old rescue dog who came to live with us a couple of weeks ago. He is, according to the rescue people, part collie (likely: he shows a tendency to herd, anyway), perhaps part lab or retriever, or, in the opinion of the woman running the place, part flat-haired terrier. He’s *definitely* very large. He’s definitely very furry. He’s also very patient, which is good, because Young Indiana cannot. stop. flinging. himself. at. the. dog. Or barking. Or running around…

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Kitsnaps: Hopeful

I always liked this for a Valentine’s Day image. Hopeful! Taken in Kinsale, I believe. I loved the simple color scheme. So red! So blue! So white! And so hopeful! Happy Valentine’s Day!